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Small publication zines are very important to my practice as an artist and designer. For me zines are a more economical way of getting art into people's hands. The personal type of interaction the handler has with a zine, not only internalizing the text and images, but also feeling the weight and texture of the paper, the way the binding or folding forces a certain kind of movement through the work, as well as the feeling created by certain printing techniques. These different elements of small publications can elicit a connection that I strive for in all my work.

They're not gonna text back

This zine with its heavy stock pages and continuous return to the same massage are supposed to mimic the anxiety of waiting for someone to respond. 


This is a manifesto for unrequited love. The printing and text take you through what it feels like and how underrated and misunderstood the feeling can be.

Hey Hottie

When truly connecting with someone who is hundreds of miles and many countries away the Whats App messages begin to feel like the handwritten notes children pass to one another.


Separated pt.1

Beginning to think about chain link fences and the way that they act as separator between here and there, but unlike other fences and gates, you see what is not accessible is what led to this study.

Separated pt.2

Along the same lines as part one, which is printed on the other side of part two, this study examines the different forms barbed wire takes and how that makes the separation violent.

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